Projects by Suitable First Degree

Black Futures Postgraduate Research Scholarships

A missing link between continental shelves and the deep sea: Have we underestimated the importance of land-detached canyons? *
Assessing changes in astronomical tides on global scales
Biogeochemical cycling in the critical coastal zone: Developing novel methods to make reliable measurements of geochemical fluxes in permeable sediments *
Bloom and bust: seasonal cycles of phytoplankton and carbon flux
Cascading hazards from the largest volcanic eruption in over a century: What happened when Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai erupted in January 2022? *
Counting the cost of living in modern and fossil animals
Disturbance and recovery of benthic habitats in submarine canyon settings *
Fingerprinting environmental releases from nuclear facilities
Fish with friends: The calming effect of group living in social fishes
Hot, acidified and breathless – biomineralisation of deep sea corals in the oceans of the future *
How do calcifying marine organisms grow? Determining the role of non-classical precipitation processes in biogenic marine calcite formation
Impacts of environmental change on UK coastal ecology for nature based solutions *
Integrated Earth Observation (EO) mapping change across the land and sea
Interconnections of past greenhouse climates
Long-term change in the benthos – creating robust data from varying camera systems *
Marine ecosystem responses to past climate change and its oceanographic impacts
Microplastics and carbon sequestration: identifying links and impacts
Microplastics in the Southern Ocean: sources, fate and impacts. *
Ocean influence on recent climate extremes
Ocean physics and ecology: can robots disentangle the mix?
Ocean-based Carbon Dioxide Removal: Assessing the utility of coastal enhanced weathering *
Oxidation of fossil organic matter as a source of atmospheric CO2
Quantifying variability in the electron requirement for carbon fixation: towards autonomous platform based measurements of carbon fixation
Reconciling geotechnical and seismic data to accelerate green energy developments offshore *
Southern Ocean Iron Supply: Does Size Fractionation Matter?
The duration of ridge flank hydrothermal exchange and its role in global biogeochemical cycles
The role of iron in nitrogen fixation and photosynthesis in changing polar oceans
Triggers and Feedbacks of Climate Tipping Points
Understanding variability in Earth’s climate and magnetic field using new archives from the Iberian Margin
Unpicking the Anthropocene in the Hawaiian Archipelago
Unraveling oceanic multi-element cycles using single cell ionomics *
Up, up and away – the fate of upwelled nutrients in an African upwelling system and the biogeochemical and phytoplankton response