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We recognise structural and long-standing issues with under-representation in postgraduate study at national and international levels. Here at Southampton we are taking action to increase the representation of our intake, to embed understanding of the needs of a diverse research community and to create a supportive and inclusive environment in all of our activities. Further details can be found on our EDI statement.

We welcome applications from candidates with non-traditional backgrounds. We also invite enquiries about possibilities of doing a PhD with us if you wish to work part time, if you have childcare or other needs that mean you need to work flexibly.

We recognise that applying for a PhD can be a challenging process, particularly where you might not have access to support from people familiar with the process to help you effectively put an application together. In this document we’ve therefore included some further information on what we’re looking for in the application process and at interview, and some contact points (particularly for students from backgrounds which are currently under-represented in our PhD cohorts or in UK higher education) for further support.

You are very welcome to contact your prospective supervisor(s) ahead of applying for a PhD, and indeed this is a good idea – they will welcome hearing from you. When contacting a prospective supervisor, it’s useful to include some background to your scientific interests, why you are interested in the project and the work the supervisor does, and any questions that you have about the project or points that you’d like to discuss further.